Waring Pro Classic Blender

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The Waring Pro Classic Blender is a work of art,  Its waterfall style base and clover leaf patent glass jug will gently swirl the contents of the blender and helps to keep mess to a minimum.
The powerful but quiet motor makes the blender very quiet and a pleasure to use, to the point where you can carry on a conversation without the need for ear plugs.  The motor is man enough for all blending requirements and whips up the smoothest results time after time. 
The blender is fantastic for cocktails, smoothies and soups, it will even make light work of crushing ice.  Its easy to clean,  simply fill the glass jug with warm soapy water and place it back onto the blender and turn it on for a few seconds and it will almost clean itself.  
The machine has 2 speed settings which are more than enough for such an efficient machine.  You should not have problems controlling the texture of whatever you are blending.
The blender demands pride of place in the kitchen as its expensive retro look and feel is stunning.  The Waring Pro Classic Blender is available in the following colors Polished or Brushed Chrome, Chilli Red, Retro Green and Ebony Black.
  • Lifetime Guarantee*
  • Powerful commercial grade motor
  • Patented clover leaf design jug creates a faster vortex action for ultra smooth results
  • Heavy duty stainless steel base
  • Traditional chrome On/Off flick switch
  • Crushes ice to snow on both LO and HI speeds
  • 1.2 Litre (40oz) glass jug capacity
  • Self-cleaning blade assembly, this blender cleans up after itself!
  • *excludes glass jug

Designer Habitat Meat Grinder Sausage & Mince Maker - 1200W Motor

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The Designer Habitat Meat Grinder Sausage & Mince Maker is an affordable alternative for making your own sausages and mince. The meat grinder enables you to control what goes into your food, allowing you the option to surpass the additives and fats and choose the finest ingredients for your mince, you can also make your own great flavour combinations for home made sausages using the sausage attachment.

The grinder has three steel cutting blades allowing you to mice to three different thicknesses.  The grinder is simple to keep clean as the aluminium parts are removable and can be cleaned separately.

The Designer Habitat meat grinder has a high power 1200W motor for performance, but is quiet when working and produces quality mince.

Accessories include:
Fine (3mm) Cutting Plate
Medium (5mm) Cutting Plate
Coarse (7mm) Cutting Plate
Food Pusher
Sausage Adaptor
Kibble Attachment
Also with Stainless Steel cutting blade, silver plate tube, Carry handle, Non-slip rubber feet
Voltage: 220V-240V-50Hz

Top 10 Best Egg Boilers

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An egg boiler was one of those items I really did not know existed or was needed for that matter. I always thought that the recipe for boiling an egg could not be simpler, but looking at some of these fantastic products on the market I can now see I was wrong.

It was only when my wife struggled cooking eggs that I started to look online for alternatives. I needed something that was completely reliable and would make the perfect eggs every time. There are some pretty sophisticated machines out there like the Tefal Toast 'n' Egg.

With some of the egg boilers listed below you can choose soft, medium and hard eggs and this is usually determined by the amount of water you pour in via a measuring cup or by a timer. The ensures you have perfect eggs every time.

 Listed below are 10 of the best egg boilers listed on Amazon:

1. Designer Habitat - Exclusive Electric Egg Boiler Cooker
2, Wahl ZX642 Non Stick Egg Boiler
3. Puregadgets Ultra Quick Non-Stick Electric Egg Boiler Cooker
4. Princess (1908) Egg Cooker
5. Severin Titanium Electronic Egg Boiler
6. Princess 262008 Classic Egg Cooker & Mini Boiler
7. Krups F 230 70 egg boiler Ovomat Super
8. Severin Electric Egg Boiler
9. Stellar Low Energy Egg Boiler for up to Seven Eggs
10. Bestron DJA305 Edelstahl Eierkocher