Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper, 300 Watt

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The Kenwood CH180A chopper and has been awarded by WHICH as a best buy and comes highly recommended by Delia herself!  The chopper is excellent at chopping and pureeing food in seconds, plus it's small, so won't take up much kitchen space, and easy is easy to clean.

The CH180 Mini Chopper from Kenwood is a very versatile, powerful and compact mini food processor with two speeds, enabling you to control the chopping sizes.  Weighing  950g,  300 Watts of power and a 350ml or 150g capacity makes the chopper a must have for your kitchen.  The mini chopper is dishwasher safe and contains a stainless steel knife blade. It has a safety interlocking lid, full safety interlocks and can be operated with the touch of one button.

Most importantly, the mini chopper does what it says on the box extremely well.  It chops, quickly, evenly, finely (if you press the button down for a longer period of time) coarsely (if you just press the button down for a few seconds for a quick whizz!).  After considerable testing the perspex is showing a few scratches, but apart from that this product has worn well, and the blade is as sharp as ever. It is really easy to operate - just a big grey button, and it works really really well.

Even if you are not a Delia fan, she is right about the Kenwood CH180A mini chopper so why not go out an buy one yourself today!