Gordon Ramsay Professional Grill Griddle

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The proof of the Gordon Ramsay Professional Grill Griddle is in the eating!

This griddle heats quickly and cooks thoroughly which is mainly down to the fact that the heat can be controlled. Most importantly, the plates are easily removed for cleaning. The Gordon Ramsay Professional Grill Griddle is sturdy and well-put-together. Some customers say that this grill is better than the equivalent George Foreman product.

Cooking has always been Gordon Ramsay's passion and his no-nonsense approach in the kitchen is evident in this grill.

This multi-functional grill, griddle and Panini press opens out to double the cooking surface. It has an adjustable floating hinge for the even cooking of thicker foods and toasting of deep-filled Panini’s.

Two non-stick, Grill / Panini plates and two griddle removable plates are included which are dishwasher safe. Two drip cups are also included to catch the excess fat and a scraping tool for easy cleaning.