Bugatti Eva Hand Blender

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With stunning looks, vibrant colours and from a brand like Bugatti, you would be forgiven for thinking that this hand blender is an overpriced gimmick.

Why not bring some Italian finesse into your kitchen? The Eva is a a manual blender which is powerful versatile and above all safe.

The blender is easy to use, safe as it is fitted with a sensor that prevents the blender from starting accidentally as it will only start if the sensor is covered by the palm of your hand. The blade is simple to remove and clean. It is powerful and has two speed settings and is very versatile.

The Eva also comes with a measuring jug which is is made of unbreakable polycarbonate. It can be used with the blender as well as measuring your ingrediants and is perfect for making soups, blending baby food, making homemade smoothies and so much more. The twin speed settings mean that you can select the appropriate speed for the food type and create accurate results every time.

The blender also comes with a table stand which allows you to have your Eva within easy reach and ready for use.

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Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KM023 6.7 Litre Kitchen Machine Mega Pack, 1500 Watt




The Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KM023 is the ultimate kitchen machine. If love to cook and are experienced in the kitchen, regularly prepare everyday meals but like the challenge of trying elaborate recipes and catering for larger groups of friends and family then the Titanium is the machine for you. The Titanium will help to advance your culinary skills with confidence that the machine will achieve the results that you desire. Owning the Kenwood Titanium is like having a second pair of hands in the kitchen.

The additional attachments effectively give you a complete set of food processing equipment in with one machine. The Titanium is an excellent purchase for any serious cook.

The components of the machine are well made and do what they are supposed to do with ease. The materials used to make the machine have a quality feel.

You will finally be able to produce the meals you could only dream about with ease and speed. The only negative is that if you hate washing up, this machine takes quote a lot of time to cleaning.

If you only make special things once in a while then give the Kenwood Prospero Compact KM265 4.3 Litre Stand Mixer a go. However, if you really love to cook food, you will not be disappointed.

The Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KM023 comes with a fantastic range of attachments including:

  • 6.7 Litre stainless steel bowl
  • 1.5 L stainless steel liquidiser
  • Food processor
  • Mincer
  • Citrus Press
  • Multi Mill
  • K Beater
  • Balloon whisk
  • Dough hook
  • Flexi beater
  • Electronic scales
  • Splashguard
  • Recipe book
  • Spatula
  • Instruction CD/DVD

You should chose the Titanium KM023 6.7 for several reasons:
1, It is made from brushed metal and it is lacquered, super sleek and shiny  with polished steel ornamentation. It looks stunning and its clean lines fit in well with the minimalistic look
2, The 1500w motor is powerful and quiet in comparison to other machines.  It is also fast and efficient
3, This model has a large bowl ideal for a family get together or a party.
4, The attachments are included in the price and cheaper than buying them individually.

There are many mixers on the market, but if you want the real thing, the Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KM023 is the one to buy.

Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper, 300 Watt

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The Kenwood CH180A chopper and has been awarded by WHICH as a best buy and comes highly recommended by Delia herself!  The chopper is excellent at chopping and pureeing food in seconds, plus it's small, so won't take up much kitchen space, and easy is easy to clean.

The CH180 Mini Chopper from Kenwood is a very versatile, powerful and compact mini food processor with two speeds, enabling you to control the chopping sizes.  Weighing  950g,  300 Watts of power and a 350ml or 150g capacity makes the chopper a must have for your kitchen.  The mini chopper is dishwasher safe and contains a stainless steel knife blade. It has a safety interlocking lid, full safety interlocks and can be operated with the touch of one button.

Most importantly, the mini chopper does what it says on the box extremely well.  It chops, quickly, evenly, finely (if you press the button down for a longer period of time) coarsely (if you just press the button down for a few seconds for a quick whizz!).  After considerable testing the perspex is showing a few scratches, but apart from that this product has worn well, and the blade is as sharp as ever. It is really easy to operate - just a big grey button, and it works really really well.

Even if you are not a Delia fan, she is right about the Kenwood CH180A mini chopper so why not go out an buy one yourself today!