Andrew James Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine - New Slimline Model

7. February 2012 00:38 by Foodshack in Kitchen Gadgets  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

The Andrew James Ice Cube Maker does what exactly it says. It makes ice! It is perfect if you don’t have an ice maker in your fridge, and can make around 12 to 15 kgs of ice in 24 hours in two different sizes.

The Andrew James Ice Cube Maker is simple to use and has an electronic soft-touch panel. It is not silent, but the noise is not intrusive if you are in the same room. The ice maker starts producing ice in around 12 minutes, one filling of water makes a considerable about of ice. The cubes drop automatically into the enclosed tray. A word of advice here - If you do not want to use the ice immediately you remove the cubes from the tray and put them in a freezer until you need them.

If you want ice for a party then this is the machine for you and the FREE Ice Crusher is great for cocktails!