Is Jamie Oliver a Mug in a Tin? Would your Dad love a Top Dad Mug for Fathers day?

2. February 2012 09:41 by Foodshack in Celebrity Chef, Gift Ideas  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

At Foodshack we love celebrity chefs, their products and recipes but we have begun to wonder exactly how far a celebrity chef will go to make money and flog stuff and are wondering if Jamie Oliver has gone too far!

Today whilst searching for a product to review we came across a Valentines gift idea from Jamie Oliver, the product in question was the Jamie Oliver Love you Loads Mug in Tin. Now we thought it was quite sweet but then began to wonder how many other alternatives there are to this one product.

Well would you be as shocked as we were when we found out that he has actually created over 30 variations of his Mug In a Tin theme? These include Love You Loads, Top Dad, Top Gramps, Top Mum & Big Fella to name a few!

Yes we agree they will make great gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Father’s Day or even Christmas but come on Jamie surely you don’t need the money that these tacky products will bring in? Is he right to be creating products like this even though he is successful? Let us know what you think about Jamie Oliver’s latest Mug in a Tin product range.


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