Bio Chef Professional Juicer

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The Bio Chef Professional Juicer sets a new standard in affordable juice extractors. We are all trying to be healthy and you can now enjoy the nutritional benefits of juicing without the strain on the pocket!

The juicer has a powerful motor and is well made, it is pleasing to the eye with its stylish design.

The juicer is perfect for people who are just starting to reap the benefits of juicing and are looking for a robust affordable juicer.

Cleaning has never been easier than with the Bio Chef Juicer and it simply requires a quick rinse under water and a quick scrub of the Juicing Strainer.

The Bio Chef Juicer delivers true value for money while extracting the most juice possible from fruits and vegetables - no wastage!

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Kenwood AT641 Juicer Attachment Complete

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The Kenwood AT641 Juicer Attachment is the perfect accessory for your Chef or Major multifunction food processor. It is excellent at making the most amazing fruit and vegetable juices.  It comes with a large 7.3cm funnel so you can add whole ingredients without having to chop them up beforehand. The sieve is made from stainless steel for easy cleaning, while its capacity of 500g means you can get more done in less time. The AT641 can also be dissembled for low maintenance.

A fantastic addition to any Kenwood Kitchen machine.  Click here for more details

Juiceproducer KT100 Juicer (Hurom HU-200)

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The KT100 Juicer is a new design of single auger machine offering a class leading feed tube and production rate. It features a neat self cleaning device that wipes the inside of the barrel and the outside of the juicing screen.  This is a super precise high performance juicer for the committed juice fan or even for light commercial work.

If you have always looked at juicing with a bit of envy, but can see the benefits of juicing fruit and veg every day, then this masticating juicer then look no further as this is the juicer for you.

The current Mk2 version offers improved pulp ejection and efficiency.  The KT100 difference:

1) Flexibility and Speed: This juicer will juice all soft and hard fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. The KT100 has a class leading feed tube size and production rate. We can honestly say that this machine is as quick to use as a centrifugal juicer while giving great efficiency and cold pressed juice. If someone likes juicing but is frustrated by their centrifugal juicer and is put off by the small feed tube on other cold press machines then this is their best choice. It is also the ONLY juicer of its type to work WITH gravity if the fruit and veg fall in, they will get juiced! No pushing needed!

2) Durability: these machines have huge life spans, with no blade or cutter there is nothing to go blunt and with the reduction gearboxes giving them their low speed operation the high quality motor will last and last.

3) The cold pressed advantage: This type of juicer is more expensive than centrifugal juicers (whizzy basket juicers) but they deliver many advantages. The juice they make is cold pressed, has better nutritional properties and can be stored. They also juice all fruits, vegetables and leafy greens such as wheatgrass. You can even peel oranges and feed them through the KT100 negating the need for a citrus juicer. Centrifugal juicers make an oxygenated juice, due to the juice flying around in the machine in droplet form. This is no good for nutrient retention.

4) Cleaning: The KT100 strips down and cleans up in less than a minute, the mess is very contained in the barrel/juicing screen/auger area

Stylish, quiet and fast, the KT100 Juicer is a brilliant machine. Its hard to believe that something so small is so powerful.