Duronic MG1200 Electric Meat Grinder, Sausage and Kebbe Maker

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Creating your own mince, sausages and Kebbe has never been easier with the Duronic MG1200. This powerful reasonably priced mincer is easy to use and will turn most cuts of meat into perfect mince and sausages within minutes.

The miner has stainless steel housing and is supplied with fine, medium or course mincing discs as well as a sausage maker, kebble maker and a meat pusher.

It is also easy to use with both forward and reverse buttons for clearing meat. The machine is easy to clean although some reviewers suggest cleaning the parts by hand as they have had issues with corrosion when using the dishwasher.

The mincer is well made and very durable and strong, The 1200 watt motor is quiet and powerful although it is recommended that you run the machine in 10 minute bursts allowing the motor to cool. Also one reviewer suggested that on first use the motor may smell and can also put out a black residue. Although is to be expected with most mincers when new.

All in all, the Duronic MG1200 is a really good heavy duty machine for home use.

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TOOL-GENIUS (ELPINE) 1200W Electric Meat Mincer and Sausage Maker

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The TOOL-GENIUS 1200W Electric Meat Mincer and Sausage Maker is a robust kitchen appliance at a cost that won’t break the bank.

The mincer is simple to assemble, easy to use and the eye catching stainless steel design means the mincer easy to clean and hygienic. It has a single speed setting with a reverse function. It is very sturdy and holds firm on the work surface when in use.

Since all of the recent meat scares more people are looking to make their own sausages and burgers. This powerful motor in this grinder makes light work of all types of meat giving you piece of mind that your mince is of the best quality.

The cutting blade is made from stainless steel, and three sizing plates are supplied for different coarseness of mince.

Although this is one of the basic Mincers & Sausage Makers on the market you will find it does everything most budding chefs require.

One negative point about this machine is that you have to keep the blade in place whilst making sausages, this can make it a little tricky to mix the ingredients. Also some purchasers have suggested that the machine should come with a smaller feeding tube on the sausage nozzle.

The mincer is of overly large and would not take up too much room in the cupboard or work surface.

All in all this is a fantastic mincer and sausage maker at a reasonable price. If you are looking for all the bells and whistles then it might be worth taking a step back and consider this machine. After all how many ways are there to mince meat and make sausages?

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Heathcotes Prep Worktop Meat Mincer

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The Heathcotes Prep Worktop Meat Mincer is a powerful and efficient mincer.

The mincer is plastic so will not rust and is easy to keep clean. Its powerful motor means you can mince a large quantity of meat so long as the meat is cut into manageable pieces.

Lean pork and beef grind well, however lamb can take a little bif of effort as Lamb is a much fattier meat. The mincer is also supplied with an interchangeable blades for fine & course mincing


This mincer has a simple suction device unlike other machines that come with a clamp, this means it will damage or mark your work surface. The instruction manual is well laid out and is easy to follow.

All in all the The Heathcotes Prep Worktop Meat Mincer is a great purchase although a little more expensive than some similar models on the market.

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