Top 5 Best Kenwood Chef Accessories

Recently we did a review on the Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010 4.6 Litre Kitchen Machine, 1400 Watt, Titanium so we thought it was about time we did a quick run through of a few accessories that are available.


Kenwood Chef and Major AT950 Mincer and Food Grinder Attachment

The Food Grinder/Mincer Attachment Is a must if you are enough to have one of the Kenwood machines. It is perfect for making mince, burgers and pâté. A major selling point is that the mincer also comes with two sausage adaptors with is great for making your own sausages.

Fitting on the slow speed outlet of the Chef or Major kitchen machines, the Multi Food Grinder is perfect for all kinds of meat, including chicken, duck, fish and rabbit. It can also be used for nuts, hard cheese and vegetables.

This attachment is supplied with three high performance stainless steel screens for different types of preparation (fine, medium and coarse). Also included are two sausage adaptors and a kebbe maker.


Kenwood AT340 Slicer/Shredder Attachment for Kenwood Chef

This is a great addition to the Kenwood Chef which makes chopping and slicing for soups, stews, coleslaw simple and beats using a 'finger slicing' mandolin by a long shot. This attachment is easy to operate, easy to clean and delivers very professional results.

The AT340 Pro Slicer Shredder attachment delivers consistent results time after time. The attachment is supplied with 7 stainless steel cutting plates (standard chip, fine chip, extra fine shredding, fine slicing, coarse slicing, fine slicing and coarse shredding) and an extension chute for directing food into the bowl.

This accessory is easy to assemble and dismantle which features geared operation and disk support for optimum cutting performance, as well as a food ejection paddle to minimise food waste.

Kenwood Chef and Major Flat Pasta Roller Attachment AT970A

Kenwood Chef and Major Flat Pasta Roller Attachment is very easy to use for both large and small quantities of pasta and it also has the ability to roll the pasta very thin if required. This is a must have attachment if you frequently make pasta or lasagne.

This pasta roller attachment quickly and easily attaches directly into the slow speed outlet of the Kenwood Chef or Major kitchen machines. The heavy duty stainless steel body is excellent for large quantities. The unique roller assists the feeding of pasta dough into the attachment and there are nine variable thickness settings that are easy to adjust. The pasta roller is essential to allow use of any of the other pasta attachments available in this range: Tagliatelle (AT971A), Trenette (AT973A), Tagliolini (AT972A), Spaghetti (AT974A).


Kenwood Chef AT956A 1 Litre Ice Cream Maker Attachment

The Ice cream attachment for the Kenwood Chef is very cool indeed! It is an amazing addition to a Kenwood Chef. Following the instructions for the frozen bowl technique and you will have success every time. Very easy to use and easy to clean!

For use on the bowl outlet of the Kenwood Chef kitchen machine, the AT956A Ice Cream Maker makes the smoothest ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbets. It uses a pre-frozen bowl, which sits in the existing bowl and makes 1 Litre of soft scoop ice cream or sorbet in just 20 minutes.


Kenwood Chef 29021 Plastic Cover

This cover effectively protects the Kenwood Chef against spills and other dirt falling onto it. With care, the cover should last many years, especially as all seams are protected by an additional layer of fabric.


Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine SP150

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The Imperia Pasta Machine is the original way of producing authentic homemade pasta. The machine consists of two rollers that can be gradually adjusted, rolling the pasta into thinner sheets as the handle is turned. Once the correct thickness has been achieved, simply feed the pasta through the spaghetti or tagliatelle cutter and that is it!

The Imperia pasta making machine is a good, solid, quality product that makes great pasta. The attachments fit firmly and the action is very smooth. You will see the difference in the quality of the pasta this machine makes compared to other pasta machines. It is quick and easy to use and comes with some good advice and recipes. Maintenance is a breeze. Just wipe it down when finished using it.

Set includes the machine, table clamp, handle and full instructions. Additional attachments are also available for making a variety of different pasta dishes. We would advise that this item is simply wiped clean before being stored. Do not submerge in water.

Also in this range is the Imperia Italiana Italian Pasta Maker Set which comes with Pasta machine with clamp and detachable handle, Spaghetti maker attachment, Star shapped ravioli tray, Durable wooden rolling pin, Gift boxed & Instructions.

Click here to see the complete range of Imperia Italian Pasta Machines.