Wahaca Bluewater Review - Amazing Mexican Street Food

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A Friday in our house is usually a take away, or if we think we really deserve it we go out for a meal.  A couple of weeks ago the wife and I decided to go out for dinner at Bluewater, which is a regular place for us.  Like most people we usually frequent the same restaurants as we have our favorites,  however on this occasion we decided to try something different and we chose Wahaca.

Although the restaurant was quite busy we did not have to wait to be seated.  A friendly waitress then came over and asked us if we had been before and then explained how the menu worked and proceeded to write her name on our table mat which doubled up as a menu.  The menu is well laid out and simple to read and understand.

Then the fun began as we really did not have any prior knowledge of Mexican market food.  The menu includes a street food section which comprises of lots of small dishes, and also a Platos Fuertes section which are bigger main meal type dishes.  We decided to go for the Street Food which we thought would give us a chance to give everything a taste.  We decided to order a single dish from each section of the street food dishes, and a side of green rice as well as the Fresh tomato salsa & chip starter.  Our waitress came and took our order and gave us our drinks.  Our waitress also explained that once we get to the main dishes they would be served to us when they were ready rather than all at the same time.  At the time I thought this was a little odd.

As soon as we finished our starter the first dish was served, as we tucked in the second dish arrived and within 5 minutes all of our main meal was at our table and my original concerns of dishes arriving as they were ready was soon pushed into insignificance. 

To say the food is amazing is simply an understatement.  The plates of food where stunning to look at each plate of food looked fresh and vibrant.  You could really taste the depth of flavor in each dish.  You could really tell that everything was cooked with quality ingredients and time and care was taken in the preparation.  We also felt like we had eaten a very healthy meal which makes a nice change when eating out.  If I am honest it was really one of those meals where I was disappointed I we had finished it, our taste buds where shouting more but our bellies were full.  However we still left room for a desert, which of course had to be the Mexican Doughnuts!

All in all the atmosphere, food & service was second to none and to top it off all for a reasonable price.  The decor was great and we thought the VW camper van as a booth was fantastic.  We will go back another time just to give the Platos Fuertes (Bigger Plate) dishes a try!

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We enjoyed the food at Wahaca so much that we have now brought the cookbook so we can get cracking cooking mexican street food at home

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