Is a water bath one of the most popular kitchen gadgets?

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SousVide Supreme water oven

In a an episode of Saturday Kitchen Jason Atherton announced that the worlds best selling kitchen gadget is none other than the very chef like water bath (Sous Vide). Maybe it's populaity is due to the water bath is appearing TV Shows like Masterchef the professionals, and now people want to try cooking with a water bath at home.

The advanteges of cooking with a water bath or Sous Vide, is that food remains moist and a a of it's original texture remains. At one time water baths used to be quite expensive and only seen in professional kitchens, but as more and more people have created a demand machines are now available at much more affordable prices, and are avaliable from many online retailers including Amazon. The Water bath which was featured on Saturday Kitchen is the SousVide Supreme Demi, and can be purchased from Amazon.

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So what is Sous Vide or water bath cooking?

Sous Vide or water bath cooking is a method of cooking food in in vacuum  bags usually at lower temperatures for long periods of time. It differs from conventional cooking because the raw food is sealed in an air tight environment emmersed in water and is cooked using controlled heating at a variation of only ± 0.1° C. Chefs are increasingly using this innovative cooking method as the absence of oxidation reactions increases flavour intensit.  Also using this method of cooking things are cooked perfectly every time.