Old El Paso - Original Chilli Con Carne Cooking Sauce is too salty!

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I usually cook Chilli Con Carne fron scratch and never use a sauce.  However the wife and I were feeling ill one day so we decided we would go for the easy option.  We have seen the adverts for the Old El Paso products and decided to try this sauce.  Even with sauces we try not to cheat completely and threw in some fresh mushrooms, peppers and onion to the mince. 
We drained the mince and then poured on the sauce.  I must admit the sauce smelt great and everything was going well.  I had a taste of the chilli during cooking and could not quite believe how salty it tasted.  Not being put off I let chilli cook whilst I put on the rice.
When we sat down to eat our meal we could not believe how salty this sauce was.  Needless to say neither of us managed to finish our dinner and what was left for the next day was put in the bin.  On closer examination of the ingredients we discovered that a quarter of a jars salt content was equilivant to over 40% of the daily recommended amount.  To say we was quite shocked was an understatement.
Since trying this product I have discussed it with at least 5 friends and family.  So I wonder how many complaints Old El Paso are getting and if they will do the right thing and make their product taste nice and be healthy for its customer?  I for one will not be using or recommending any Old El Paso products in future!
Please leave your comments below and lets see if we can make El Passo respond!
Update 08/01/2012
Shortly after posting this article I added a link to it on the Old El Paso Facebook page which was quickly removed.  I also made a comment on their wall about the salt comment and were there plans to reduce it.  Lets just say both comments were removd from their Facebook and I am now banned from commenting or posting.  Now thats customer service!!