Has a Banana Slicer changed your life?

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Whilst researching electric food slicers I was shocked and somewhat amazed to find a banana slicer on the market. I could not work out why anyone would want to own a kitchen gadget that seemed so ridiculous. After all if I want a sliced banana all I usually do it by first peeling the banana and then slice it with a kitchen knife.

However it would seem that the idea is not so mental after all, well not according to Amazon customers anyway, and to top it off there are a few different products on the market. Some people go as far as saying that this nifty kitchen gadget has changed their lives whilst others have gone as far as saying it’s a tool with A-Peel!

Another thing that I find quite interesting is that it is important for people to get their banana slices in exactly the same size, and then the slices can be used on cereals, deserts or even dehydrated.

Here at Foodshack we are waiting for delivery of our very first Banana slicer but in the meantime we would love to know how a Banana Slicer changed your life or is this just another kitchen gadget for the back of the drawer?

Philippe Starck - Alessi Faitoo Kitchen Cutlery Set - Love your spatula!

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We all have kitchen items we could not do without.....  However do you think you can ever see yourself falling in love with the Alessi Faitoo Kitchen Cutlery Set?

This kitchen set was designed by Philippe Starck and is attractive and is very well made.  The set includes:Kitchen Ladle, Kitchen Spoon, Kitchen Fork, Kitchen Spatula and Skimmer andis made out of 18/10 stainless steel which is polished to give a mirror finish.  The good news is that it is Dishwasher safe.

The set is part of the FAITOO collection with Alessi. The idea behind the design is to have direct access to all that was needed in the kitchen.   To achieve this, everything is hooked onto racks fixed to the wall. Once again, Philippe Starck's poetry can be seen, for our very pleasure.

Friday Madness: Buy Wesco, Spaceboy Red XL 35L Waste Bin

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We have seen some mental products here at Foodshack but nothing quite as bonkers as the Wesco, Spaceboy Red XL 35L Waste Bin.  Imagine how cool this would look in your kitchen!
Is the  Wesco, Spaceboy Red XL 35L Waste Bin the future generation's waste collector?   The hype for office, bar, hairdresser, studio, practice, cinema...
The bin is made from high quality powdercoated sheet-steel Sturdy plastic ring underneath the metal liner & stainless steel flap.
Dimensions : height 970mm x width 415mm
Westermann & Co. was founded in 1867 as a family enterprise based in the Sauerland and looks back on a company history of more than 140 years. The brand Wesco stands for metal manufacturing in the classical manner - a combination of excellent German quality, an exclusive design and high tech functionality. A long experience in manufacturing and high tech form a perfect unity giving Wesco products their unique design. Soon after its establishment in 1867, the company specialised in the processing of metal plates for household goods and has since continuously extended the range of its products.
In the 1920s, Wesco introduced the "ash can" into its product range, after the war it launched its first "pedal bin". Today, the range of household goods includes more than 50 waste bins in various designs. Some of these products are modelled on the historic precursors which have inspired the use of classic design elements in the development of modern products. Wesco design is characterised by the company's long-standing experience with metal as working material. Because we are familiar with the material we work with, we are able to shape it in a new and exciting way.  

Go on make a statement and have a  Wesco, Spaceboy Red XL 35L Waste Bin in your home or office