Bugatti Eva Hand Blender

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With stunning looks, vibrant colours and from a brand like Bugatti, you would be forgiven for thinking that this hand blender is an overpriced gimmick.

Why not bring some Italian finesse into your kitchen? The Eva is a a manual blender which is powerful versatile and above all safe.

The blender is easy to use, safe as it is fitted with a sensor that prevents the blender from starting accidentally as it will only start if the sensor is covered by the palm of your hand. The blade is simple to remove and clean. It is powerful and has two speed settings and is very versatile.

The Eva also comes with a measuring jug which is is made of unbreakable polycarbonate. It can be used with the blender as well as measuring your ingrediants and is perfect for making soups, blending baby food, making homemade smoothies and so much more. The twin speed settings mean that you can select the appropriate speed for the food type and create accurate results every time.

The blender also comes with a table stand which allows you to have your Eva within easy reach and ready for use.

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Top 10 Best Egg Boilers

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An egg boiler was one of those items I really did not know existed or was needed for that matter. I always thought that the recipe for boiling an egg could not be simpler, but looking at some of these fantastic products on the market I can now see I was wrong.

It was only when my wife struggled cooking eggs that I started to look online for alternatives. I needed something that was completely reliable and would make the perfect eggs every time. There are some pretty sophisticated machines out there like the Tefal Toast 'n' Egg.

With some of the egg boilers listed below you can choose soft, medium and hard eggs and this is usually determined by the amount of water you pour in via a measuring cup or by a timer. The ensures you have perfect eggs every time.

 Listed below are 10 of the best egg boilers listed on Amazon:

1. Designer Habitat - Exclusive Electric Egg Boiler Cooker
2, Wahl ZX642 Non Stick Egg Boiler
3. Puregadgets Ultra Quick Non-Stick Electric Egg Boiler Cooker
4. Princess (1908) Egg Cooker
5. Severin Titanium Electronic Egg Boiler
6. Princess 262008 Classic Egg Cooker & Mini Boiler
7. Krups F 230 70 egg boiler Ovomat Super
8. Severin Electric Egg Boiler
9. Stellar Low Energy Egg Boiler for up to Seven Eggs
10. Bestron DJA305 Edelstahl Eierkocher

Joseph Joseph Index Plus Chopping Boards & 4 Knife Set

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Compact, stylish, quality chopping boards and knives from Joesph Joseph. This set is easily cleaned and dishwasher safe,  and the chopping boards also keep their shape.

'Index Plus' is an enhanced version of the Joseph Joseph multi-award-winning chopping board system, which is designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of different types of foods. It contains four, colour-coded chopping boards plus four high-quality, full tang knives. Each chopping board has its own index-style illustrated tab, indicating which type of food it should be used for. Each knife is perfectly suited to its specific task and has a comfortable, soft-grip handle. All elements are dishwasher safe.  With Index Plus™ you can prepare vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food safely and separately.  

The Joseph Joseph Index Plus Chopping Boards & 4 Knife Set is a must have for any kitchen, it takes up as much space as a couple of chopping boards and would look great in any kitchen and is a perfect gift idea.

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