Horse meat in products

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I cant say I was shocked when I heard about the new horse meat scandal.  With rising food prices and everyone trying to make a profit I am sure that many other people are cutting corners to make an extra profit.

To be honest the thought of eating horse meat does not disturb me although I would have liked to have a choice.  I suppose if I had the choice I would not choose to eat horse meat.  Its not the thought of eating horse as I have eaten ostrich, venison and wild boar.  I just have never fancied horse.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten and actually enjoyed?

How many takeaways can one man eat?

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I love an Indian or Chinese takeaway, and every now and again I order in a pizza. But in our house we consider it a treat maybe on a Friday Saturday night. Its not something we have every day and certainly not every week.

So why do the local restaurants in my area decide that maybe I need to be reminded that I can have pizza, Chinese, Indian and a kebab at least twice a day? What annoys me more is that on most of the menus the food looks totally and utterly disgusting. Then more often than not when you finally do decide to call up on the occasional night to order your meal you end up with someone on the other end of the phone who does not even speak English well enough to understand what your saying or have the IQ level of a flea. Here is a story that proves my flea theory (ok I might be a bit harsh!)

I called Papa Johns the other week for the first time as it came recommended to me. Now I had only just had the menu through the door that week. I got a nice welcome on the other end of the phone and I started to place my order. This is where things went downhill!

I ordered the standard BBQ pizza in a medium size only to be told that item had been discontinued a couple of weeks ago…. I thought “hold on I only got the menu this week!” Then the guy at the other end of the phone proceeded to tell me I could in fact have the pizza I wanted if I just changed one of the toppings, are you confused because I was.

I asked a couple of questions about some side dishes that he had no real idea about so I ordered them anyway. Then came the bit where he had to take my money. I was paying by card over the phone and I have him all of the information he asked for. To which I was then told that the machine was not working correctly. He then took a couple of minutes to go and get another machine and take the details again. Which again he said had not worked and I must have a problem with my card and could I pay the driver. I explained that there was more than enough money in my account to pay for the meal and he said he was not able to try the card again. So I had to pay the driver which meant me going to the cash machine taking the money out with the same card that the Papa John’s assistant has said did not work. I felt that this might have slightly taken the idea of a convenient take away a little too far!

Anyway enough of my ranting and stories on with the blog. In today’s world where people are obese and have health problems I really believe that people constantly being bombarded with take away menus has a huge part to play. It feels like every time I look on the doormat there is a new menu or I turn on the TV and we are being subjected to KFC or Burger King to name a few. Now I love a KFC but not more than once a month.

I also believe that a good percentage of low income families either don’t know how to cook or just can’t be bothered to cook, a good example was the woman on Jamie Oliver’s ministry of food. She felt like takeaway was the cheaper option because the way it had been sold to her on the menus.

There is also an environmental issue with takeaway menus. How many trees are being chopped down to produce paper that is printed on, delivered, put through my door and then put straight into the recycle bin?

I get a feeling I am not the only one who gets annoyed with the amount of take away menus they get through their door. If one of these people are you let us know.

One last thing.  I know not all takeaways are bad and their quality and service is great!  oh and  do you want fries with that?