Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares USA had its day?

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Here in the UK we are currently being treated to the latest version of Kitchen Nightmares on Channel 4.  For me it is a must watch programme with is brilliant formula of life cant get tougher than this through to the end of the week and wow we made it!
Family members believe that its the same thing every week and say that it has had it's day, but I am not so sure.  Yes the format is the same,  It starts off by showing the in-fighting and then Gordon Ramsay turns up and hates the food and the decor.  But to me that is just on the surface stuff.  The real story starts when he starts to break down the family and staff.  Learning what makes them tick and the personal reasons they have got into such a mess.
But for me that is when the programme really starts to come into its own.  A lot of people in the world really don't see how bad things are until they hit rock bottom.  Even with Kitchen Nightmares they call Gordon in expecting him to have a little look around and say that he can't see what is wrong and then seem totally shocked with his honest and to the point opinions.  There are suggestions that all of the shouting and crying is for the camera.  But I find this hard to believe.
The reason the programme works so well is more down to the passion which Gordon brings to the show, his love of food and cooking is evident in this programme as it looks like he has very little to do with the re-model or branding of the newly relaunched resturant.
In series five we see him work really hard to re-establish family values and respect whilst in Los Angeles, whilst trying to save a family restaurant called The Burger Kitchen.  This has to be one of the most fractured families in the history of Kitchen Nightmares, and I am sure one of the most rewarding episodes ever filmed.  Basically the owner took his sons inheritance money without asking, and then told him how he managed to fund the resturant.  The father also then has no respect for his son or the views of others to the Burger Kitchen and thinks everyone is out to conspire against him.   pulls everytIn this episode Gordon seems to sear less and show a massive amount of compassion for the owners son and together they all manage to start to work together.
In my opinion Kitchen Nightmares has not had it's day.  Yes it may be the same old format but the different characters and Gordon's passion help the programme stay fresh and vibrant.
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