Has a Banana Slicer changed your life?

12. May 2012 23:09 by Foodshack in Friday Madness, Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Utensil  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Whilst researching electric food slicers I was shocked and somewhat amazed to find a banana slicer on the market. I could not work out why anyone would want to own a kitchen gadget that seemed so ridiculous. After all if I want a sliced banana all I usually do it by first peeling the banana and then slice it with a kitchen knife.

However it would seem that the idea is not so mental after all, well not according to Amazon customers anyway, and to top it off there are a few different products on the market. Some people go as far as saying that this nifty kitchen gadget has changed their lives whilst others have gone as far as saying it’s a tool with A-Peel!

Another thing that I find quite interesting is that it is important for people to get their banana slices in exactly the same size, and then the slices can be used on cereals, deserts or even dehydrated.

Here at Foodshack we are waiting for delivery of our very first Banana slicer but in the meantime we would love to know how a Banana Slicer changed your life or is this just another kitchen gadget for the back of the drawer?